One Monday in February, the group had great fun making Saint Bridget Crosses, under the guiding hand of Lisa Fingleton. (see picture 9). Lisa is worried that the old tradition is dying out. She needn't have worried. Ballyduff didn't let her down.

Connie soon got the idea.

Kathy May cannot believe she actually did this.

Margaret's is coming on well, though she looks a little worried

Pam made two! A perfect pair.

Kathleen is finished and ready to go home.

Siobhan's turned out really nice, but she seems to have a lot of bits left over.

Ann was determined that hers wouldn't fall to pieces

Deirdre has spotted a great business opportunity

Having left us all more confused than ever, Lisa is very happy.

That's a good cross, Bob, but what has happened to your head?

May congratulates the group on our success and blesses us all.

Phil's is like herself, neat and tidy and perfectly finished.

Julie is rightly proud of her achievement

Marie and Kathleen show us the start and the finish.

Let's hope we can all remember in twelve months time.