Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2001 - 2012

OUR FIRST DECADE! (2001 - 2011)
Welcome to the Website of Ballyduff Active Retirement Group (in North Kerry). The group celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2011, and scrolling down the pages below will reveal many of our activities during that time. (They are in reverse order - the most recent being at the top). For new activities, engaged in during 2012, click on items in the list on the right. These are in order of occurrence, the most recent event being last. (There's a bit of an overlap. You'll find more than one report on the same event in a few cases). 

In September 2011 the Ballyduff Active Retirement Group enjoyed a week in Wexford, staying at White's Hotel. The photographs below show some of the places that the group visited.
Homes 7000 years ago - the Irish National Heritage Park.

Set in beautiful woodlands.

The guide brought history to life for us.

The rain stayed away all week

Here we are in the lighthouse at Hook Head

This photo was taken in the Ros Tapestry display, and shows the incredibly fine work involved

Across the road from there we took a trip on the "Dunbrody" and were soon in America - but in very uncomfortable conditions!

Up on deck the air was a lot fresher!

...and even fresaher up here.

The whole group are listeniong to a talk about the JFK arboretum, prior to a guided tour of the park.

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