Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Two busy weeks for Ballyduff ARG

In the past two weeks the Ballyduff Active Retirement Group have had a picnic, been on a day trip, and hosted an art exhibition in conjunction with the Family Resource Centre. The background to the exhibition has been covered in last week's report (click on "Archive" button to see it), and the exhibition itself was a great success and was well attended. If you missed it, it's not too late to see it, as the exhibition will be on view for the whole month of August.

It's not all work for the group, however, and on Monday20th July everybody came round to the garden of May and Bob Scott, chairperson and treasurer of the group, for a picnic. Lots of members helped with the preparation of the food, and the sun shone, so everybody was happy. Some people just wanted to chat, in the open air, while some more adventurous ones had a go at the games on offer - clock golf and boules.

The following week was the summer day trip, which this year was to Millstreet Country Park. The whole day took place in the park, and began with an audio-visual introduction, and a welcome by Joanie McAuliffe, the marketing manager, who told everyone about the history of the park and what there was to see. Every year more and more features are added.

Next came the Safari. Members climbed onto "buggies" that were going to take us round, and what an exciting ride it was. The views were spectacular and there were lots of interesting stops on the way to the summit of the park, from which was a view of the surrounding countryside in every direction.

We arrived back for lunch, after which we were taken on a tour of the gardens. There are lots of new gardens, including the one pictured here featuring an amazing waterfall. There are lots of short walks in the grounds as well, but time did not permit exploration of all of these.

A most welcome feature of the trip was the fact that, when we had all walked round as much as we could, we were treated to entertainment, sitting listening, singing, and dancing with a guest artist.

The group didn't leave Millstreet until 6.00pm, having had a very full day since our arrival at 10.30 that morning. We had left Ballyduff behind at 8.00 am that morning, and didn't get back till 8.30 that evening, tired, but with a great day behind us.

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